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Video Game Conference Schedule

I’ve never had the good fortune to attend a video game conference. I blame this on poverty and lack of information. Okay, so I might not be able to do much about the money thing until my “Sea Apes: Better than SeaMonkeys!” idea picks up. I can still make sure that you guys never miss another conference this year due to not knowing when or where it is.

We just missed PAX East 2012 in Boston mere days ago. I wasn’t even aware that I missed it until recently. No more! Knowledge is our power.

Video Game Conferences (for the remainder of) 2012

The Big Ones

E3 2012

The granddaddy of conferences

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) – June 5-7  Los Angeles Convention Center, CA

GamesComAugust 15-19  Cologne, Germany

 You need more potassium, Snake!
Tokyo Game Show (TGS)September 20-23 Tokyo, Japan
PAX Prime (Penny Arcade Expo) – August 31st through September 2nd Seattle, WA
  • Redemption if you missed PAX East

Local Conferences

Some of these events are large, some are small. Some hardly have any details yet. No matter what, you know about them!


  • Khaotic Kon                                           13-15                                   Tampa, FL
  • T-MODE                                                  20-22                                  Rockville, MD
  •  Nature Coast CGA Show                  21                                         Crystal River, FL
  • PariahCon                                               27-29                                  Lakeland, FL
  • Eastern Shore FanCon                       28                                        Princess Anne, MD


  • Outlantacon                                            4-6                                      Atlanta, GA
  • ScoreCon                                                  19                                        Nashville, TN
  • UltimaCon                                                25-27                                New Orleans, LA
  • NashCon                                                    25-27                                Franklin, TN
  • Forge                                                           25-27                                Lexington, KY
  • Alabama Phoenix Festival                 25-27                                Birmingham, AL
  • MisCon                                                       28                                       Missoula, MT
  • AniMinneapolis                                     June 29- July 1              Minneapolis, MN


  • Omnicon                                                   8-9                                       McAllen, TX
  • ConnetiCon                                             13-14                                  Hartford, CT
  • Ancient City Con                                  20-22                                  Jacksonville, FL
  • Ryu-Kon                                                  22                                          Canandaigua, NY

The list goes on and on to infinity… If I missed a convention near you, please add it in the comment section! Let’s get game together! In person! In costume! Like the good old days.

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