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Purdue’s Biggest LAN Party Exposed!

Alright, so the title is just to get you to watch this video, but it’s still an awesome Soundslide full of cool people.

Watch it and realize how cool LAN parties are. Come to Boiler Frag next year if you can can (check out later in the year for the date/time), or host your own awesome LAN party. Just whatever you do, invite me.

Note: I spent an hour with the Purdue Itap people trying to figure out how to embed a Soundslide (it doesn’t seem to work like regular videos) on a wordpress page. If anyone knows how to, let me know and I’ll have it up embeded in this post right away!


Purdue Gaming LAN Party Boiler Frag 4.0

If you’re interested in LAN parties, then you need look no farther than Purdue. Boiler Frag 4.0 will be occurring next Saturday, April 21 at the Purdue Armory starting at 12 p.m. noon and raging until the next morning. Boiler Frag, hosted by Purdue University Gamer Group, is the largest LAN party at Purdue each year.  This going to be THE gaming event at Purdue that you won’t want to miss. Tournaments will be held throughout the whole day and prizes will be awarded all day.

PC and Console Welcome

Both PC and console tournaments and playing will occur at the fourth annual Boiler Frag. PC tickets must be bought in advance for $20 and then your seat must be registered online. You can inquire about PC tickets at Better hurry if you want to participate in the PC playing as there are only 11 PC seats left as of this posts publishing. If you want to play PC, you’ll have to bring :

  • Your computer, (1 tower & monitor or 1 laptop)
  • Ethernet cord (Don’t forget this!)
  • 1 set of Periphals (keyboard, mouse, etc.)
  • Headphones (No speakers)
UPDATE: PC tickets are sold out! Console tickets are available infinitely at the door the day of.

Console tickets are sold at the door for $15 dollars. The only thing that you need to bring is a USB if you want to use your profile as no online downloading is allowed. You also cannot bring any custom controllers other than arcade sticks.

Even the chairs look sleek and futuristic.


This why you’re here (besides meeting and playing with other great gamers). Check out some of the tournaments already decided on. (Watch out, they’re all single elimination!)


  • Starcraft II, 1v1
  • League of Legends, 5v5
  • Battlefield 3, large teams
  • Quake 3, TBA
  • Others to be anounced


  • COD Mw3, 4v4
  • Halo Reach (Covy Slayer), 2v2
  • Halo Reach (Jousting), 1v1
  • Mario Kart, FFA
  • Super Smash Bros Melee, 1v1
  • Street Figher X Tekken, 1v1
  • Mass Effect 3, Team Time Trial

Other tournaments will be decided by you, the gamers, this Monday on the PUGG Facebook page. Cast your vote so that you can show off your mad skillz. Help me vote for a speed petting competition in the Skyrim My Little Pony mod.


I’ve been told that their will be awesome prizes rewarded throughout the day. The website promises “slick computer cases to wicked apparel”. I’ve also been told that PC and Console gamers will receive different prizes. A slick computer cases doesn’t mean much if you don’t have a gaming rig. PUGG knows this and they’ll get you the hook-up with the things that you want.


The icing on the cake (maybe literally). As much as I love gaming, this is what won me over. FREE FOOD! That almost pays for the price of admission by itself. Hotbox is serving pizza at 6 p.m. and breakfast will be served at 6 a.m. That’s right. This event is raging all night.

Drinks are free the entire party and there is a snack bar until 3 a.m. The snack bar does cost money, so bring some cash for it. I’m as disappointed as you that I can’t eat my body weight in snickers for free. Still, these are some amazing food deals.

It's cool. The soda's free.

What are you waiting for?!? Get ready for Boiler Frag 4.0! This event will be crazy. Between the tournaments, prizes, free food, and awesome company you’ll be in gamer heaven. Leave it to PUGG to lead the way there. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Are you planning on going to Boiler Frag next Saturday, or are you planning on making a mistake? Let us all know below in the comments!

PUGG Event

Not a dog. (Purdue University Gaming Group)

The Purdue University Gaming Group is hosting it’s second gaming party of the semester tomorrow in Stewart Center. The event will take place in STEW 310 from noon until 11 p.m.

What will attract you to hang out with one of Purdue’s largest gaming groups other than 11 hours of multiplayer video game goodness?

How about:

  • Consoles from every system provided for your free gaming pleasure
  • PC play (but need to bring your own laptop or tower)
  • The first PUGG event to host fighting games
  • Video game tournaments that you can show off during

The tentative schedule of the tournaments is:

  • 2:00PM Forza 4 Circuit Race (1v1 or 4player FFA)
  • 4:30PM SoulCalibur 5 (1v1)
  • 6:30PM MW3 Riot Shields/Throwing Knives (1v1)
  • 8:30PM Halo Reach (2v2)

The PC games most likely to be played at the event are Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, and Diablo

Pop in for the event any time during the day for a great multiplayer experience with some great Purdue gamers.

For more info check out PUGG’s website and info from the event on their forums or walk into Stewart 310 tomorrow in between noon and 11 p.m. and shout “Tell me more!” (Don’t really do that.)

Purdue gamers get their groove on

The Purdue Music Gaming Club is rocking out and dancing up a sweat every Friday from 7-10 p.m. in the basement of Beering. I was lucky enough to hang out with them tonight. We played Rock Band 3 and Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). Well, more like I played Rock Band 3 with them and attempted to not to damage anyone or anything with my flailing on a DDR mat.

Say Rock!

These guys and gals are super serious about their music games. By pooling very cheap club dues together they have been able to purchase around 3,500 DDR songs and around 800 Rock Band songs. I’m not sure if you could play through all those songs in a week if you forgot to sleep, bathe, eat, and drink.

The club occupied three rooms in the basement of Beering. One room was dedicated to Rock Band. Next door was dedicated to DDR. A final room was occupied by a Wii and rounds of Super Smash Bros. Brawl for those who needed a break from music games. Everyone flowed from one room to another as they saw fit.

“We should call it Purdue Music Gaming Club and Smash Brothers,” joked David, the club president.

Women and men were both out to play the games in equal numbers. The environment was one that would be fun for anyone, even those not particularly skilled in either game.

Players of all skill levels were having fun during my visit. Beginners can play either game at the same time as an expert. For example, I got to play with a guy (ironically his name was Guy) who danced in literal circles around me.

(It gets scary when you have to move both feet at the same time. ALSO: Listen for a recap of everything I just typed from David toward the end of the video)

Difficulties can be changed at any time on both games. I found out the hard way that they had both games set up so that beginners couldn’t fail. This made playing fun for those that are great as well as members just there purely for fun. This is great for a gamer like myself who would play Rock Band on expert every other week with my friends, but doesn’t know how to jump on arrows.

The greatest thing about my experience with the club was how nice and accepting everyone was. I showed up and starting taking pictures (after asking nicely) and they were super nice to me. Two individuals appeared that weren’t even members of the club and they were able to play games like everyone else and were treated like kings.

The Purdue Gaming Club is full of a bunch of great guys and a bunch of great girls. I suggest that anyone check out this great way to get your game on and make new friends.

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