Lost Planet 3 announced/ Why you should care

Who cares?

Lost Planet 3 is lighting up every gaming website for a good reason. It might just be the next big thing in the survival horror genre.

Sure, the first two entries into the series weren’t all that amazing. The after buying and playing the first Lost Planet I decided to give it a personal rating of, “Meh.” The second game received pretty bad reviews and I avoided it at all costs. All logic would dictate that no one should care about Lost Planet 3. Heck, I didn’t expect the series to ever get another sequel. Everyone should pay attention to Lost Planet 3 because…

It’s Different

The first two Lost Planet games were third person, squad-based shooters. Lost Planet 3 is a game that is supposed to place just as much emphasis on survival horror and exploration as it does combat. Oh, yeah and the game’s protagonist is essentially a blue collar mechwarrior. That got your attention, didn’t it?

The game has all the elements that it needs for greatness (according to Gameinformer and ign sources).

  • Detailed graphics to whisk you away into the world and amazing character models and faces to bring you into the game emotionally through visuals.
  • A mysterious and dangerous icy world setting that requires exploration of dark and dangerous locations to unravel its conspiracy filled past.
  • Unique aliens that can be absolutely enormous and require unique ways to destroy just like in the previous Lost Planets.
  • A fun protagonist that is just the right amount of badass, snarky, and vulnerable to make a Tony Stark in space with a much bigger Iron Man suite.
  • Mech suite combat against massive enemies.
  • To top it off, survival horror elements like tight, eerie corridors and an environment that could kill you at any time.
The Awesome Trailer 

The Setting


The setting is a the foreboding, ice-swept E.D.N-III. This is the same planet that the other two Lost Planets take place on, but Lost Planet 3’s events take place before those in the first two games. (They just blew our minds.) The unforgiving planet is home to frequent ice storms and nasty aliens called Akrids.

The Plot

The future will have beards

The game stars a construction mech worker named Jim. Jim is no action hero, he’s just a guy that signed up for a crappy job on a scary planet to save up money for his wife and kid off-world. Jim communicates with his family through videos sent to him. This establishes a real sense of empathy and motivation for the character. Jim is tasked with moving equipment around with his mech and scouting the planet. He is told that he is one of the first explores of the planet, but he keeps discovering old frozen bases that seem to be part of a dark conspiracy by the company that he is working for.

The Survival, The Horror

Young love...

Sections of the game where Jim is on foot can be downright terrifying. Indoors, Jim walks through dark, tight corridors of eerily abandoned settlements that shouldn’t exist. These sections are already being compared to Dead Space. That’s a good thing in my book. Outdoor sections on foot are just as dangerous. Jim has no compass or map on foot and can freeze to death if he is out in the elements for too long. Radio transmissions also become increasingly faint as Jim moves away from his mech. At any moment a snowstorm could annihilate Jim or Akrids could burst from the ground or frozen walls. You must always be on edge.

The parts of the game spent inside a mech are no cup of tea either. The combat is faster and more powerful, as Jim can kill some massive enemies in his mech and wade through Jim-sized enemies like they aren’t even there. The combat still feel dangerous, as the mech is no combat mech; it’s built for moving things and drilling. As such, your mech has no guns. It only has melee moves and its giant drill to kill enemies with. Even more terrifying, the mech rig slowly freezes outside. Jim must leave the mech to melt the ice periodically or the rig will freeze to the point where it can no longer be used for the rest of the mission. Finally, the mech portions of the game are in first person. This severely limits your view and can disorient you in the huge machine.

The Naysayers Point

Let’s just get this out of the way. The game is published by Capcom but developed by Spark Unlimited. Spark has only ever made three games. None of them were good. I think that this promising reimagining of a mediocre series is a chance to equally reimagine a less than stellar development company. (But that might just be the PR training in me.)

Why You Should Really Care


Lost Planet 3 seems to have great graphics and promises to have a strong story. Most importantly, it features fun, tight, and varied gameplay. The horror situations indoors are very different from the still terrifying survival situations outside in the cold, which are in turn, very different from the mech portions of the game.

What’s won me over most is the promise that the title will indeed be a survival horror game. I love survival horror games for the heart-pounding and unique situations that the great ones put you through. The game wouldn’t be scary if it was just the same as the last survival horror game. It’s very rare to see a new survival horror series in a world where we have Resident Evil 6 to look forward to (and even then it’s an argument if it even is a survival horror title.) I’m thrilled at the opportunity to be frightened and awed in a new setting with completely new characters to me. We really don’t know what to expect, which makes the horror all the more  real.

I’m excited about the announcement of Lost Planet 3 and you should be too.


Chill with the Purdue Starcraft Club

Every Wednesday night from 7 to 9 p.m. the Purdue Starcraft Club hangs out and plays Starcraft II in Stanley Coulter Room 289. I say that the group hangs out because there is no better way to describe the laid back but intense matches held by this close group of friends.

The group plays competitive matches amount themselves and sometimes online players. Although many of the members are veterans of the space-themed strategy game, players of all skill levels are invited to every meeting.

The meetings are optional so generally about a dozen of the clubs players show up to a meeting. Each week,’s meeting may find almost a completely different group of players than the week before.

When I visited the group’s weekly meeting this Wednesday I found a group of gamer friends playing in a single team deathmatch together. The group was casually yelling funny quips and jests throughout the entire meeting. The meetings are as loud as they are fun.

Despite the casual nature of the meeting you could tell that these very skilled players were serious about Starcraft. A projector in the front of the room constantly plays footage from Starcraft II tournaments.

If you have some interest in Starcraft II but aren’t great at the game yet, or don’t even own the game, don’t worry. Each meeting at least a couple of the club members will bring in a flash drive with the game saved on it. The game is then downloaded to every computer that is being used. Purdue doesn’t allow the game to stay on their computers so deletes the game after each meeting.

The good news for you: You can play Starcraft II at the Purdue Starcraft Club for free.

It’s awesome that you can play the game for free, but you still may be worried about your Starcraft skill level. I went to the meeting having (shamefully) never played Starcraft II. It had been a long time since I was any good at the original Starcraft. Despite this, the group encouraged me to play with them; I didn’t even have to ask if I could.

Ravi Pareek, the club’s event planner and someone that I had the pleasure to interview earlier, took half an hour to give me a crash course on playing the Protoss Race. After Ravi offered me tips while I played for just 30 minutes I feel like I am better at the Starcraft series than I ever have been. (Now I’m merely ‘pretty terrible’.)

I was very impressed at how at ease and friendly all of the players were. They accepted me in with open arms and went out of their way to have fun with me and to instruct me on how to be better at the incredibly competitive game. Thanks the the Purdue Starcraft Club I can no personally vouch for how insanely fun Starcraft II is. I suggest that any gamer check the group out even if you’ve never played the game before.

6 Best Video Game April Fools Jokes 2012

As you all know, we gamers have the greatest sense of humor on Earth. It’s probably only topped by our modesty. Naturally, when April Fools rolls around game companies and companies that specialize in video game merchandise have some great April Fools jokes. Here’s some of the best of 2012 in case you missed them earlier this week.

1. Mars Effect – Mojang and Notch

Notch Mars Effect April Fool's Joke

Lawsuit sold separately

Notch, the owner of Mojang, the company that created Minecraft, created a website called marseffect.net. The website described the team’s newest project, a title called Mars Effect. Mars Effect is obviously a jab at the series Mass Effect by Bioware and EA. This joke is very funny and bold because it also pokes fun at a lawsuit against Mojang that was recently settled. The lawsuit was over the percieved similarity between the name Mojang’s newest game, “Scrolls”, and that of the Bethesda RPG series “The Elder Scrolls”. (Yes the case was settled, thank God. Notch and co. get to keep the name.)

Notch directly made fun of the lawsuit while describing how Mojang reached the decision to name Mars Effect. “After several weeks of trying to come up with a good name for the game, we finally decided not to learn from previous experiences and pick a name that’s already kind of in use by a huge existing franchise.” He added, “After playing around with names like ‘Elight’, ‘Wind Commander’, and ‘Steve Online’, we finally settled on the very catchy name ‘Mars Effect’.”

Mars Effect further made fun of Mass Effect by saying that it would include, “waist high walls” and “a game ending that makes sense.” Dang! You need ice for that burn?!?

As of writing this article, marseffect.com is no more. …probably due to a cease and desist comment.

2. Blizzard Kids – Blizzard Entertainment 

Blizzard put up a website full of what looks like half a dozen 90’s educational children’s computer games based on their franchises. By far the funniest is a typing mini-game called “Zergling Teaches Typing”. The description of the game reads, “Skzzzt! Brnnchh! W’rkncacnter! Learn these and many other important zerg vocabulary words while also dramatically improving your words per minute and keystroke accuracy. (Ages 6 and up)”

As I played the game I wished it was a real typing game. Just image how fun it would be to learn Zerg!

Check out Zergling Teaches Typing here!

3. XPPX9001 – Turtle Beach

'Nuff said.

Turtle Beach makes gaming headsets. They finally decided to make the most ultimate headset and and eyeset(?). The XPPX9001 is described as, “the most technologically advanced piece of gaming equipment ever devised.”

It’s specs include:

  • 360 speakers that can all be controlled separately
  • A nine-inch super-thin polymer display screen that displays 1080p video
  •  both audio and video to the headset from a single HDMI connection, running between 600Hz and 11.6 jiggawatts
  • connect to two consoles at once and allow you to play PS3® with one eye and Xbox 360® with your other

Blow your mind here.

4. Mass Effect 80’s Cartoon – ign and Harry Partridge

(Insert necessary, “It would have a better ending than Mass Effect 3!” comment.)
5. Skyrim Electronic Dragon Shout Hoodie – Think Geek

Perfect for casual Friday.

Think Geek made the ultimate hoodie for those in mountainous Skyrim.

In addition to making you look like dovahkiin, the hoodie’s features include:

  • 100% cotton hoodie to protect you against the harsh Skyrim environment
  • Iron helmet face mask hood, includes horns
  • Electronic dragon shouts from powerful built-in speaker
  • Features all 20 shouts available to the Dragonborn
  • Dragon souls not required to unlock shouts

The hoodie only requires 4 AAAA batteries (not included)

Pretend you can buy it here.


6. Assassin’s Creed Kinect Announcement – Fan Made

Just lol. Give this cast and crew a spoof Oscar.


Dishonorable Mention: Half Life 3 available of Steam – Valve

Valve wins the meanest April Fool’s joke by getting fans hopes up by announcing suddenly that the long awaited Half Life 3 was available for purchase on Steam. So many dreams were crushed that day. Shame on you Valve. Shame on you. We’ll probably never forget how sad you made – oh hey a funny video about Assassin’s Creed Kinect!

You may only be able to get Xenoblade Chronicles this week

This is the box for the special edition of Xenoblade Chronicles. The included Classic Controller Pro™ is said to enhance the experience but is not required.

If you live in North America and have any interest in JRGPs at all, you need to check out Xenoblade Chronicles. When the title released in Japan it was heralded as “the best thing to come out of the…genre in five years”. With a Metacritic score of 92, Xenoblade Chronicles has lived up to its hype.

Xenoblade Chronicles is being released in the United States and Canada for Wii on April 6. This is great news. The unfortunate news is that Nintendo anticipates that after selling well for a core fan base that there will be little interest in the game. Rumors have been floating around that the game can only be purchased in North America through GameStop and the Nintendo website. Rumors also hold that that game can only be purchased if you preorder it.

That’s right. Rumors say that you cannot buy Xenoblade Chronicles unless you preorder it through GameStop or Nintendo.

The title costs $49.99. The special edition costs $64.99

What makes Xenoblade Chronicles great? 

Check out the ign.com review video of the game below to catch some of their favorite features.

A list of improvements the game has on the standard JRPG compiled by fan Louisgod include:

  • No consumable items. No potions, phoenix downs, anti-venoms, none of that poo poo.
  • You regain HP automatically as soon as a battle is complete.
  • No MP. Your attacks ‘cooldown’, so as soon as they’re available, you can use them again.
  • Adjustable day/night clock. Need to be somewhere at a specific time? Set the clock exactly to that time.
  • No game over screen. If you die, you’re sent to the last game marker you passed.
  • Rewards for exploration, often in the form of experience.
  • Every piece of armor, clothing and weapon looks unique on your characters. Sometimes they’re really goofy but kinda fun.
  • Insta-warp from one map to the next. Are you near the end of the game but need to visit the beginning? Literally open a menu, choose that area, and you’re transported there.
  • Save any time, anywhere. There are NO save points; you can just about save anywhere you want.

My interest in JRPGs waned a long time ago like most people, but Xenoblade Chronicles is the type of game that could win me back. Don’t miss out on this gem; reserve Xenoblade Chronicles today.

Follow the links to buy at either  GameStop or Nintendo

An interview with a web series star

Matt Maassel is one of the stars of the new video game studio themed web series filmed by and starring Purdue students. The series is titled, “Development Hell” started filming its pilot episode today. Development Hell follows the trials and successes of a video game development company started by college friends. Matt plays as Dominic Warrick, one of the main characters.

Matt is a senior studying health fitness and senior member of The Crazy Monkeys improvisational comedy group. Matt knows his video games. When I interviewed him in his living room he introduced me to his SNES, Nintendo 64, and Playstation 3. As soon as the interview was over we talked for over fifteen minutes just about the games that he has played most recently. Most importantly, he’s single, ladies!

You can't say "no" to that face.

I was lucky enough to hold a Q and A with Matt about the project and his experiences working on it. Watch out, “Inside the Actor’s Studio”!

Q: How would you describe “Development Hell”?

A: “Development Hell” is “Mad Men” for the video game industry. It’s a drama and a really good look into the video game industry: how it works, the programming an the business behind it. Behind the scenes in the video game industry is an area that not many people really know much about so its exciting to have a chance to explore it with this series.

Q: How would you describe your character in “Development Hell”?

A: Dominic is the head programmer and one of the main designers. Using my “Mad Men” reference, I’m sort of the Don Draper character, but a little less responsible. Dominic is very carefree and very excited. He gets very enthusiastic and pumped up about things. He’s also very confident which sometimes comes off as arrogance.

Q: What do you like best about playing Dominic?

A: I really like playing arrogant or someone mean. (Matt laughed after saying this.) I like playing characters that think that they are brilliant, and maybe they are, but they have a little too much bravado. I find that fun.

Q: How do you get yourself ready to be Dominic and have his arrogance and bravado?

A: Oh geez. Well, I suppose that naturally I try not to have arrogance or bravado, so I just play the opposite of that. I believe that there is the opposite of everyone inside them: where you can be the opposite of who you are. So in me there is an opposite side of me that is a know-it-all who thinks he’s really awesome at everything and can totally dominate whatever he wants to do. I try to just tap into that side, I guess.

Matt channeling his opposite.

Q: So what part of development is “Development Hell” at right now?

A: Right now we are just getting ready to film the pilot. We’ve had read throughs so far. We are planning on shooting the first season in late April or early May.

Q: How long do you anticipate Season One will take to film?

A: Season One shouldn’t take any longer than a few weekends, actually.  The whole project is solely dependent on how popular it gets. So, based on the popularity of Season One it could continue indefinitely.

Q: What are some of the ways that you will determine the shows popularity? How will you get out the word for the shows popularity?

A: Definitely YouTube is where we’ll start, just seeing how many views the show has. To spread the show we will flood as many social media programs as we can. You know, Facebook and Twitter. Have constant interaction with and fans that we might have. If we start to have consistent fans then cater to them and take care of them and make sure that they know what is happening with the show.

Q: How many people are working on the project currently?

A: I would say about 20.

Q: How many of those people are actors and what are some of the other jobs that people have?

A: There are about 12 actors, I think. The crew has a camera guy, a main set guy, a director and writer, and then, another writer, and maybe other people (laughs) I’m not sure, but I’m sure that there is someone to deal with the business end of it too. Because we need to get some financial support. That’s actually the goal of the pilot, to get some financial support.

Q: How many episodes are currently planned for the first season?

A: I am not sure… The episodes are going to be about five to10 minutes long each, so we’re keeping them short. We can easily see ten episodes at least.

Q: What has been the most fun part of the project for you so far?

A: Personally, it’s just been getting to know the crew and the cast. Just getting involved with the whole crew and getting to know everyone that will make this project great. I’m excited to see how far we will go with this.

Q: Who is the target audience of “Development Hell”?

A: Definitely college students, college and high school students that are interested in video games. As the culture becomes exposed to video games, it becomes available to a wider and wider audience. Right now our demographic is definitely right around college aged because that demographic is very involved with video games. They know about them and they’ve grow up more consistently with them than any other generation. Since this show takes place in the early 2000’s they’ll be able to see certain homages to their past and their childhood.

Look! It's my old babysitter!

Q: What are some of those homages that audiences can expect?

A: Well, we talk about the Sega Dreamcast and how it died really fast. We’ll make a video game in the show that we designed for the Dreamcast and we’ll reference certain games as the show progresses. Certain ideas that we’ll come up with that weren’t necessarily ours and then you’ll go, “Oh yeah! So that’s how that got started, or how this got started.” It’s really gaming nuanced.

Q: Is there anything that you would like to add?

A: Check out the new website, developmenthell.net. Not .com. .com was taken. Tell all your friends about the show too!

I’d like to give a big thank you to Matt, and to remind everyone should check out “Development Hell” when the web series launches in the near future!

…Oh and you better what out James Lipton. You better fight hard to defend that interviewing throne. I’m coming for you.

I'd better be careful. James be from the street.

ZOMG! The state of the undead in 2012

Zombies are always a favorite foe in video games. They’re disgusting, they’re scary, they remind us of our own mortality. It’s also fun that they make squishy noises when we stomp on their heads.

Purdue University is currently embroiled in its own zombie invasion in the form of the the dart tag game Humans vs. Zombies. (Which is quite frankly a surprise to me, I always thought that the two parties would get along.) Humans vs. Zombies ends tomorrow. Like most zombie outbreaks the humans will likely lose.

Luckily video games provide us with much needed zombie destruction and a glimpse at what it would be like if humans won once in a while. I’m not even sure how many outbreaks have been contained in the Resident Evil series.

Nothing to see here.

2012 has quite a lot of high profile zombie games. Let’s check out the zombie titles of 2012.

Worth sinking your rotting teeth into

Resident Evil: Revelations

Revelations has some of the best graphics of any game for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s a lengthy title that has plenty of good scares. Recent Resident Evil games have been as much action titles as survival horror. Revelations is an excellent handheld game and a return to the more survival horror and puzzle roots of the RE series. Oh, and the reviews have been pretty great with a Metacritic score of 82/100.

Worse than a losing all of your zombie limbs

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

It might sound cool to play a squad based shooter in the settings of Resident Evil 2 and 3. It might sound even cooler to play from the standpoint of the bad guys, Umbrella Corp. In reality this game is just about as fun a real zombie outbreak, which is to say that  it’s emotionally damaging and makes you consider whether it would be better to just die then to continue living in a world that would unleash such awful horrors on you. The controls of Operation Raccoon City are bad. The plot is bad. The game is bad. Avoid this title. Metacritic agrees giving the title a 54/100.

Worth your undead wait

Resident Evil 6

Did I mention that it is the Chinese year of the Resident Evil? The series will see yet another high profile release this year on November 20. The game will be played from the perspective of at least three main characters and promises to be both chilling and action packed. The plot focuses on the events that happen when the United States president finally decides to reveal to the American public and the world the facts behind the original zombie outbreak in Raccoon City from the first Resident Evil. The game will no doubt be a best seller and should have the quality expected of most block-buster games.

The Last of Us

Personally, I’m most excited about The Last of Us, the next big title from award-winning developer Naughty Dog. The game is set the near future when society has collapsed and most humans have been killed by a fungus that eats human brains and then controls their victims bodies. These fungus monster are truly terrifying in concept and are a breath of fresh creativity in the zombie genre. The Last of Us follows the story of a jaded, middle-aged man from before the fungpocalypse and the teenage girl that he is tasked to protect. The game has stunning graphics and promises to deliver the signature excellent storytelling and tight gameplay of a Naughty Dog game. Sadly, The Last of Us is a Playstation exclusive and cannot be experienced on PC or Xbox. The game has no definite release date but is rumored to come out late in 2012 or early in 2013.

So there you go Zombie fans! Now you know what zombie games to enjoy when you get to safe houses during the actual zombie apocalypse.

Guest Post: Four Things That Prove I’m Terrible at Video Games

Since you’ve been such good little gamers this week I’m running an extra post from one of my dearest friends, Troy Harris. Enjoy his fun editorial about why he is so bad at video games. Then shake your head in pity because you’re good at video games.

Four Things That Prove I’m Terrible at Video Games

As a single white man in my early twenties, it’s safe to say that video games have played a major role in my upbringing. Final Fantasy VII taught me more about love than any John Hughes movie. Everything I’ve learned about football strategy has come from Madden ’97. The truth for people of my generation is that video games have risen to fulfill the role that the death of the sitcom had left vacant: that of the surrogate parent. Unfortunately, video games and sitcoms have both left one important lesson untaught: knowing when to move on.

1. I’m Over Twenty Years Old

I’m not saying this to insinuate that video games are for kids; I still play video games quite often. But adulthood is definitely not conducive to gamer culture. When you grow up, you suddenly have to worry about things like keeping a roof over your head and feeding your dog. These things require a job, which not only takes up a large amount of the time you used to spend talking smack to fourteen-year-olds on Madden, but also dip heavily into the money that you used to spend on games. At sixty dollars a pop, new games aren’t entertainment, they’re an investment.

But what is the return value?

The older I get, the more I realize that other things exist. People my age are supposed to be socializing. They’re supposed to be going out and meeting people. At my age, it’s no longer normal to spend eleven hours a day playing Skyrim. And if there’s one thing that I learned from the Metal Gear franchise, it’s the importance of blending in.

2. I Don’t Have Time to Devote to Gaming

One central theme in video games–or in any popular art form, for that matter–is following your dreams. Who would want to play a game that’s about a guy who goes to work, comes home, eats dinner, rinses and repeats?

Shown: Dreams, such as being a burglar

The obvious catch-22 here is that in order to continue obsessively playing video games, I must either A)ignore the the very lesson that most video games are trying to teach me, or B) somehow invent a job that involves playing video games for a living.

...But, you know, still being a dude would be preferable.

The problem with becoming a professional gamer is that video games would become my job, and I’m trained to believe that, as an twenty-something person, I’m supposed to hate my job. I don’t want to hate video games; they’re the thing that I love most. As such, I’m forced to regulate the amount of time I spend playing video games, so that I can still manage to at least resemble a functional member of society. Which brings me to my next point:

3. I Do All The Fun Stuff First

It never fails; whenever I buy a new game, i spend the first hour doing exactly whatever it is that I want to do. Mind you, this may or may not be the entire main plot of said game. Any time a new Elder Scrolls game comes out, I immediately seek out the Dark Brotherhood and do that entire quest line. Then I join the Thieve’s Guild and do that entire quest line. Guess what I do with the Fighter’s Guild?
This is even more true of fighting games. Recently, I finally got around to buying and playing Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. I wasted no time playing through Arcade Mode with Deadpool, Wolverine, and Chun Li. It took me all of forty-five minutes to unlock all of those character endings, and I haven’t so much as touched the game since. Maybe it’s just my short attention span, but once I unlock my favorite character endings, any fighting game loses all playing value to me. And yet, I keep buying them. I’d make a terrible investment banker.

I just suddenly realized how much more fun it was to throw the money than it was to invest it.

4. I’m Horribly Impatient

Just so I’m clear about this, I hold no delusions about my shortcomings as a person. In life, and in video games specifically, I’m a slave to instant gratification. I am one of those terrible gamers who will fast-forward through dialogue options in order to get to the gameplay, only to discover that I’ve missed a piece of information that is vital to completing the mission I rushed through all of that dialogue to start in the first place. To my ego-addled brain, video games become a chore. They become something that I spent a lot of money on, so I had better hurry up and enjoy them. If only there were a way to to turn it all around and return to my youthful days of loving video games because they’re awesome and fun.
Oh, look! Mass Effect 3!
Be sure to check out more awesome stuff from Troy on his comedy blog Kamikazedy! You might just learn a few things while you laugh. (Such as what type of content is on a comedy blog, or that reading a comedy blog is more fun than working in the office.)
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Slay some kings next month

The critically acclaimed Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is finally coming to Xbox 360 next month. The PC gem was considered one of the best action RPGs of last year by many due to its excellent mature story line, brutal and unique combat, and amazing  graphics.

April 17th will mark the first time that the series has been released on an Xbox system despite the rumors that the original Witcher game would have a cross-over port years ago.

What makes this news so awesome?

The reviews of the PC version of the Witcher 2 for one thing. The averaged score of all critics online is an 88/100 according to metacritic.com 1up.com writes that. 1up.com gave the game an A and absolutely loved the game, saying, “Consider it the price of admission to one of the most memorable and best written fantasy video games you’ll ever play.”

ign.com gave the game a 9/10 for its deep choices in the story that were not simply good or evil, but real gray and difficult choices to make. These choices have a huge impact on the story as it plays out. They also lauded the project for its fun but punishing combat and polished graphics.

 Or just check out this crazy awesome (and crazy graphically gory) CG trailer for the game.

*picks jaw off the floor* Yes. Sign me up for that game.

The new goodies for Xbox 360 players

The nearly year long wait for the game will be worth it for Xbox 360 owners thanks to all of the new content that comes with the purchase of the new Enhanced Edition. Premiering at the regular $59.99 price tag, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings includes:

  • The original award-winning title
  • The soundtrack audio CD for the game
  • A quest book
  • A physical world map
  • a detailed game manual
  •  3+ hours of new content containing new gameplay and story not seen in the original release of the game

This edition is also releasing for PC, but its bigger news for many Xbox players who may have never experienced the series before. Be sure to check this game out! The best news is that you don’t have to wait long. If the 19 day wait still seems too long, then be sure to check out the source material novel that the Witcher games are based off of by Andrzej Sapkowski. I can personally vouch for the book’s quality as well.

Video games with the most alternate endings

One of the possible alternate endings for the classic Metroid. Famous for putting you in control of one of the first video game character that was doing the saving rather than being saved, Metroid led the revolution of strong female leads in video games. This ending is like seeing Susan B. Anthony in a thong.

Many games have more than one ending. Take the newly released Mass Effect 3 for example. The series has always prided itself on giving the player many decisions, and as a result of the players choices they will be rewarded by one of seven endings. In fact, some gamers are so upset at the potential seven endings that Bioware is creating an eighth ending as a DLC.

Eight different endings is quite a bit for a game, but it Mass Effect 3 isn’t the game with nearly the most alternative endings. Here’s a list of some of the games that I found with even more alternative endings than Mass Effect 3.

Shadow the Hedgehog10 endings – (2005) Who knew that a Sonic the Hedgehog third-person shooter could be wrapped up in just 10 endings?

Psychic Detective12 endings – (1995) A short game that uses live action actors. It’s about a psychic detective.

Bible Black12 endings – (2000) Gotta hand it to this erotic content game for having the stamina for 12 different endings. (No I have not played it… Unfortunately.)

Blade Runner – 13 endings – (1997) With 13 endings, this game has nearly as many different endings as the film it was based off of.

Heavy Rain18 endings – (2010) Almost all of you will be familiar with this acclaimed game about tracking down a serial killer. The endings range from uplifting to some of the most depressing ever seen in the industry.

Mortal Kombat (Playstation 3 version) – 28 endings – Each character in the reboot of Mortal Kombat has a different ending. The Playstation version has one more ending due to having an exclusive character. Every other tournament fighting game boasts many endings as well.

Princess Maker 274 endings – (1993) As a game about raising a girl that you have essentially adopted as a daughter from age 10 to 18, it proves that there are only 74 potential futures for all daughters.

Star Ocean: The Second Story – 86 endings – (1999) As far as I know, this one takes the cake. The massive amount of different endings are due to the dating relationship sim in the game that was rather advanced for its time. Have a different ending for every possible couple pairing and well… I guess we know just how many endings that can result in.

One giant soap opera

There are plenty of other games with tons of endings. I know I missed lots of them, so rant about your favorite(s) in the comments below!

Can you really remote play PS3 games on your PS Vita?

We’ve all seen this amazing commercial of a guy pausing his PS3 and then having his game (MLB the Show) pop up on his PS Vita right where he left off. Or if you haven’t seen this black magic before, you will now.

This is crazy! It’s like what would happen if you handed a Vita to Harry Potter. “Awesomamos! There you go, your Vita is a PS3.”

Personally, I thought it sounded too good to be true, so I did a little research. Turns out, I was right in the short term, but perhaps very wrong in the long run. Let me explain.

Too good to be true

The rumors from Sony for a while have been that Vita will play all PS3 games. This couldn’t currently be farther from the truth. As of writing this article, no website or gamer has confirmed that a single PS3 game can be played on Vita. I have read plenty of forums where gamers have personally tested hundreds of Playstation games, many of them PS3 to see what plays on the Vita. In fact, even PS2 games don’t yet work remote play on Vita. Only Playstation and some downloadable titles can currently be remote played on the Vita.

But, Logan! The commercial showed that attractive, cool guy, that has a job that we can only assume is sweet playing a PS3 game on his Vita! True. But Sony has shown games being remote played on the Vita recently that cannot actually be played on the Vita. Case and point: Sony played Killzone 3 remotely at the Tokyo Game Show and you can’t play Killzone 3 remotely on Vita. Perhaps soon you will be able to play MLB the Show (from the commercial) remotely on Vita.

Some day it might be true.

The Vita is capable of playing most PS3 games from a hardware perspective, the games just haven’t been supported yet. Patches could make games supported, and I’m guessing that most popular, newer titles will come ready for remote play on the Vita. Until then, you can’t really anticipate your titles magically being updated to play on the Vita. It might be able to soon but there are no promises. I can’t even promise that Vita will ever play most future PS3 games. But what I can show you are videos of hacked Vitas actually playing PS3 games remotely.

Videos like this mean that it’s possible to carry a home console with you anywhere: that the amazing could happen.

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