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You may only be able to get Xenoblade Chronicles this week

This is the box for the special edition of Xenoblade Chronicles. The included Classic Controller Pro™ is said to enhance the experience but is not required.

If you live in North America and have any interest in JRGPs at all, you need to check out Xenoblade Chronicles. When the title released in Japan it was heralded as “the best thing to come out of the…genre in five years”. With a Metacritic score of 92, Xenoblade Chronicles has lived up to its hype.

Xenoblade Chronicles is being released in the United States and Canada for Wii on April 6. This is great news. The unfortunate news is that Nintendo anticipates that after selling well for a core fan base that there will be little interest in the game. Rumors have been floating around that the game can only be purchased in North America through GameStop and the Nintendo website. Rumors also hold that that game can only be purchased if you preorder it.

That’s right. Rumors say that you cannot buy Xenoblade Chronicles unless you preorder it through GameStop or Nintendo.

The title costs $49.99. The special edition costs $64.99

What makes Xenoblade Chronicles great? 

Check out the review video of the game below to catch some of their favorite features.

A list of improvements the game has on the standard JRPG compiled by fan Louisgod include:

  • No consumable items. No potions, phoenix downs, anti-venoms, none of that poo poo.
  • You regain HP automatically as soon as a battle is complete.
  • No MP. Your attacks ‘cooldown’, so as soon as they’re available, you can use them again.
  • Adjustable day/night clock. Need to be somewhere at a specific time? Set the clock exactly to that time.
  • No game over screen. If you die, you’re sent to the last game marker you passed.
  • Rewards for exploration, often in the form of experience.
  • Every piece of armor, clothing and weapon looks unique on your characters. Sometimes they’re really goofy but kinda fun.
  • Insta-warp from one map to the next. Are you near the end of the game but need to visit the beginning? Literally open a menu, choose that area, and you’re transported there.
  • Save any time, anywhere. There are NO save points; you can just about save anywhere you want.

My interest in JRPGs waned a long time ago like most people, but Xenoblade Chronicles is the type of game that could win me back. Don’t miss out on this gem; reserve Xenoblade Chronicles today.

Follow the links to buy at either  GameStop or Nintendo


Slay some kings next month

The critically acclaimed Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is finally coming to Xbox 360 next month. The PC gem was considered one of the best action RPGs of last year by many due to its excellent mature story line, brutal and unique combat, and amazing  graphics.

April 17th will mark the first time that the series has been released on an Xbox system despite the rumors that the original Witcher game would have a cross-over port years ago.

What makes this news so awesome?

The reviews of the PC version of the Witcher 2 for one thing. The averaged score of all critics online is an 88/100 according to writes that. gave the game an A and absolutely loved the game, saying, “Consider it the price of admission to one of the most memorable and best written fantasy video games you’ll ever play.” gave the game a 9/10 for its deep choices in the story that were not simply good or evil, but real gray and difficult choices to make. These choices have a huge impact on the story as it plays out. They also lauded the project for its fun but punishing combat and polished graphics.

 Or just check out this crazy awesome (and crazy graphically gory) CG trailer for the game.

*picks jaw off the floor* Yes. Sign me up for that game.

The new goodies for Xbox 360 players

The nearly year long wait for the game will be worth it for Xbox 360 owners thanks to all of the new content that comes with the purchase of the new Enhanced Edition. Premiering at the regular $59.99 price tag, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings includes:

  • The original award-winning title
  • The soundtrack audio CD for the game
  • A quest book
  • A physical world map
  • a detailed game manual
  •  3+ hours of new content containing new gameplay and story not seen in the original release of the game

This edition is also releasing for PC, but its bigger news for many Xbox players who may have never experienced the series before. Be sure to check this game out! The best news is that you don’t have to wait long. If the 19 day wait still seems too long, then be sure to check out the source material novel that the Witcher games are based off of by Andrzej Sapkowski. I can personally vouch for the book’s quality as well.

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