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5 free to play games you need to check out

If you are like me you like free things. What’s better than free video games? (Don’t answer that, wiseguys, there’s plenty of things if you get creative enough)

Regardless, free video games are awesome. Thanks to a little business model called free-to-play we can play computer games all day for free. No borrowing games from your friends required.

What is free to play? 

You can play the game for free but not everything is unlocked at first. You can (usually) unlock everything by playing long enough, but you can unlock things faster with micro-transactions of real money.

Free to Play: No theft required.

Here are some of the hottest free to play games out on the market that you need to check out! (Yes, I am a noob at most of these games, but it doesn’t take an expert to know a good thing when he sees it.)

1. League of Legends

This is the roster of every fantasy sport team I imagined when I was 12.

League of Legends is the first on my list because it is the one that I am currently most addicted to. The game lets you choose from 97 different characters and duke it out in an arena in team-based matches against another team.

The point of the game to take out the opposing teams base using teamwork and maximizing your character’s unique skills. No two characters play the same and their is a great deal of strategy to the game. Even so, the game does a great job of matching you with players your skill level and I’ve had tons of fun as a noob.

The community has been quite nice so far, the graphics are nice, and the stories  surrounding the characters are surprisingly fascinating. It’s nice that, with enough time, you can unlock everything without money.

Check out Legaue of Legends. It’s definitely worth the $0 I paid.

2. Team Fortress 2

Do I really have to tell you what game this is?

Team Fortress 2 has aged well with time and is now free. Awesome! One of the top class based shooting games in existence (that’ll we’ll ever be able to afford) is a delight to play.

There is the perfect amount of skill required and just plain fun to be had in TF2 to keep you busy for a long time. As a new player you will be wowed by the fun art and hilarious deaths, and as an experienced player you will enjoy the deep class balances and powers and the coordinated strategy required by any winning team.

Sure, some people gripe about the hats and the ridiculous amount of weapons that have been released in the game. But they’re missing the point: TF2 is fun and well worth what we paid.

Check out TF2.

3. TrackMania Nations Forever

I wanna go fast! …on walls.

If high-octane races against a community of registered players that nearly rivals that of World of Warcraft, then TrackMania Forever is for you. The free-to-play game isn’t as robust as the full game, but it is free and still a heck of a lot of fun.

TrackMania Forever is the most popular PC racing game for a reason.

  • The graphics and music are very slick for a free game
  • You can design your own car
  • You can play on and offline (solo)
  • 65 awesome tracks
  • An editor to make your own tracks
Pretty much this is everything that you want from a racing game, and it’s free.
4. Tribes Ascend

That’s pretty. Now blow it up.

Shooters can be incredibly fun, but they can just as easily be a stale genre. Tribes takes the shooter formula and spices it up a notch. The player has the ability to rocket quickly across the map and everyone is fitted with jetpacks. This makes fire fights furiously fast and unpredictable.

The maps are large and the graphics are great, especially for a free game. The real star of the game are the capture the flag matches that can take some incredible skill but dish out equal amounts of fun regardless of your skill level.

The last time I played a Tribes game was on Playstation 2. I’m glad to see the awesome series back and better than ever. Tribes Ascend positions itself as the fastest shooter ever. See if you agree.

Check out Tribes.

Check out this video for an idea of how different Tribes is from the average shooter:

5. Tie: Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, DC Universe Online, Age of Conan

Pictured: a Hobbit slays a dark foe with acoustic music.

Like MMORPGs but hate the costly monthly fees. Me too. Then hop right into one of these huge online titles that used to have monthly fees, but are now completely free to play. You don’t even have to buy the game!

Which game you choose is really up to your interests. Like Lord of the Rings best? Play Lord of the Rings Online. Want to fight alongside Batman? Play DC Universe Online. Are you rolling a D20 right now to see which game to play? Then Dungeons and Dragons Online is clearly for you.

Heck, if you really wanted to, you could play them all; they’re all free!

You could literally sink months or even years into each of these deep games. Sure, the best stuff will always go to the people that pay extra for premium accounts, but you can still do at least 80% of the things that premium players can in all of these titles.

Each of these titles has a massive community for you to join and enjoy and spent years in development and updating. These are quality titles that just couldn’t compete on a normal pay model with giants like World of Warcraft. The good news is that we get to enjoy them for free!

Check out Lord of the Rings Online.

Check out Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Check out DC Universe Online.

Check out Age of Conan.

– – –
Note: Minecraft Free-to-play servers just ended late last month (April 2012)

Rule #83 if it exists it is in Minecraft.

This is sad, but Minecraft can still be purchased for just $20 and is now available on Xbox! Xbox users can also play with PC users at the same time. It’s not free anymore but you should try it out! Fill that cube sized hole in your heart. Build a shrine to your favorite fantasy character today!

– – –

Just these games alone could  keep you busy for a long LONG time (seriously, who has time for things like jobs and eating?), but there are so many other great free to play games. Rant about your favorite free to play games below so that we can all check them out!


420 Special: Best video games to play high

Why are they sucking on trash bags?

It’s 420. I can only assume that you are high from smoking pounds of weed by now. As a fine upstanding blogger I’ve never smoked mariweed before (that’s what you kids call it right?). Despite this, I shall try to appease you, gentle readers, on the number one holiday in America by showering you in weed facts and foibles relating to video games.

The best games to play high

What’s better than video games on 420? Don’t answer that. If you are paying enough attention to answer it, you aren’t high enough or playing enough games. Good. Now I imagine you want to know which games are best play high. After a great deal of research on Google, I’ve collected the advice of experts on the subject of marijuana induced recreation such as,,,, and the highest of them all, After this research I can share a group of games that made the most lists.

Yep. This image just made you high.

Super Mario Galaxy

Blow your mind with the gravity bending effects of the different worlds that Mario visits. The colors and whimsy will also have you rolling on the floor in an emotion that you can’t quite remember the name of.

I'm as surprised as you that marijuana users can relate to this title.

SSX Tricky

The quirky snowboarding classic will have you jumping thousands of feet in the area to do five cartwheels in the air before landing and speeding away like gravity never existed. The colors! The boards! The ridiculous soundtrack! You’ll be so happy and high that you will almost believe that snowboarding is real. A new version of the game came out to great reviews earlier this year. Check it out to be the most relevant bong hitting snowboard game player on your block.

After smoking this image makes perfect sense.

Super Smash Bros.

None of the Super Smash titles really have a plot anyway, so you won’t be too confused to follow it. That way you can focus on the many colors, lights, the constant and crazy action in the levels, and the zany cast of characters. Nothing beats floating around as Kirby on practice mode for four straight hours.

To help ground the insanity you play as a rapping and break-dancing dog.

PaRappa the Rappa

This game seriously sold me on getting a Playstation, and that was just a demo of the title. You complete actions to listen to catchy, trippy songs. A fan favorite is learning about karate from an a rapping Japanese man with a smelly Onion for a head. It’s amazing. It only gets better with substance abuse. (I’m told.)

Nintendo must be meant to be played high

Mario Cart

It’s great to play high for all the reasons as Super Smash Bros. Only, Mario Cart has you speeding around at a breakneck pace. On a rainbow. A RAINBOW ROAD!

Hot boxing the city.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV is an open world game where you can steal and destroy anything. You can also shoot anything, and more importantly go bowling. Grand Theft Auto IV pretty much gives you the opportunity to see what would happen if you could get super blazed and just do anything. It’s not a pretty sight, but it sure is fun.

Somehow works well high.

Katamari Damacy

You are an alien prince tasked with rolling things together to make a giant ball. Why? Because the developers must have been as high as you are! Anything and everything can get rolled into your ball as you gain power, from nickels to people to skyscrapers. If rolling people into a ball while giggling maniacally sounds fun to you, then you are the average person. Unleash your fun.


Left for Dead 2

It might seem strange at first to see a game about a shooting disgusting undead monsters on so many best games to play high lists, but that’s just the point. Playing this game high is terrifying. Want to know what it’s like to be in  the middle of a zombie apocalypse — pop this puppy in and blaze up. Apparently, people scream like babies while they play this. Deep down they learn something: how to survive a fictional disaster. That, and how to have some fun scared.

The colors! The overwhelming colors!

My addition: Geometry Wars 2

How can this not be on lists? This game is about being a colored shape, shooting other colored shapes with more color to make them explode into color fireworks. That sounds like the perfect game to play high. I’m convinced that the game was meant to be played high. I’m pretty sure that playing it will make you high. Play this game high. You’ll thank me later. When you get to it. Someday. Not today. Today is 420.

Editor’s Note: If you happen to read this post on a day that is not 420, fret not. We have been told that you can smoke potijuana on other dates. We are sure what dates. Just know that this article is still relevant to you …if you’re into that.

Video Game Conference Schedule

I’ve never had the good fortune to attend a video game conference. I blame this on poverty and lack of information. Okay, so I might not be able to do much about the money thing until my “Sea Apes: Better than SeaMonkeys!” idea picks up. I can still make sure that you guys never miss another conference this year due to not knowing when or where it is.

We just missed PAX East 2012 in Boston mere days ago. I wasn’t even aware that I missed it until recently. No more! Knowledge is our power.

Video Game Conferences (for the remainder of) 2012

The Big Ones

E3 2012

The granddaddy of conferences

E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) – June 5-7  Los Angeles Convention Center, CA

GamesComAugust 15-19  Cologne, Germany

 You need more potassium, Snake!
Tokyo Game Show (TGS)September 20-23 Tokyo, Japan
PAX Prime (Penny Arcade Expo) – August 31st through September 2nd Seattle, WA
  • Redemption if you missed PAX East

Local Conferences

Some of these events are large, some are small. Some hardly have any details yet. No matter what, you know about them!


  • Khaotic Kon                                           13-15                                   Tampa, FL
  • T-MODE                                                  20-22                                  Rockville, MD
  •  Nature Coast CGA Show                  21                                         Crystal River, FL
  • PariahCon                                               27-29                                  Lakeland, FL
  • Eastern Shore FanCon                       28                                        Princess Anne, MD


  • Outlantacon                                            4-6                                      Atlanta, GA
  • ScoreCon                                                  19                                        Nashville, TN
  • UltimaCon                                                25-27                                New Orleans, LA
  • NashCon                                                    25-27                                Franklin, TN
  • Forge                                                           25-27                                Lexington, KY
  • Alabama Phoenix Festival                 25-27                                Birmingham, AL
  • MisCon                                                       28                                       Missoula, MT
  • AniMinneapolis                                     June 29- July 1              Minneapolis, MN


  • Omnicon                                                   8-9                                       McAllen, TX
  • ConnetiCon                                             13-14                                  Hartford, CT
  • Ancient City Con                                  20-22                                  Jacksonville, FL
  • Ryu-Kon                                                  22                                          Canandaigua, NY

The list goes on and on to infinity… If I missed a convention near you, please add it in the comment section! Let’s get game together! In person! In costume! Like the good old days.

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