Diablo 3 Launch Center

The wait finally over: Diablo 3 is coming out tonight at midnight.

No doubt the hero of Diablo 3

Everyone and their grandma wants a copy of Diablo 3 to continue the age old battle against Spanish speaking demons. Don’t be like everyone else and just let the long wait to tonight’s midnight release seem like a hard waste of time. Spend the today prepping for the title so that you can be an expert when you finally hit the servers tonight.

Note: Mac users can play the game at launch too. Read on all computer gamers!

Get caught up in the story

Diablo has a surprisingly deep story. Each game’s plot is tightly intertwined with the plot of the previous game. Get caught up to speed to proceed straight to the loot tonight.

Keep up on all the classes, enemies, and quests

Walkthroughs are like dinosaurs; they used to be the coolest thing I could think of when I was a kid, but they can’t survive in the current world.

The best way to learn about Diablo 3 now is to visit the top wikis on the game. They will be constantly updated with tips and information on classes, quests, and more in the next couple of days.

The top Diablo wiki already has a huge wealth of knowledge on the movesets and builds of the Diablo 3 classes. Brush up on it today and check back for more info everyday!

You can also check out a wealth of information on the Battle.net electronic game guide.

Plan your build now

Their is already a skill calculator on Battle.net to plan out your character on any class. You can even calculate the progression of any of the three followers in the game. This also is a great way to understand better what the skills on the game are and how that mesh together.

Have a top build going minute one tonight using the official skill calculator.

Buy the sucker if you haven’t already!

Buy the game at Battle.net to still be able to play tonight at midnight. You’ll easily make a Battle.net account if you don’t have one. You’ll download the game electronically and can even install it today while you wait. That way you can launch the game immediately tonight at 12:01 a.m.!

You can still buy the game today and play it tonight without even leaving your home. Save your energy for fighting the forces of evil tonight.


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