Crazy video game world records

A couple of nights ago I had the good pleasure to watch my friend, Casey Drummer, set the record amount of hot dogs eaten in a single hot dog eating contest at the Purdue University bar, Jake’s.

Casey is a rightfully proud man having pounded down 18 hot dogs in eight minutes, winning him the nickname of, “Holy crap, that guy just ate 18 hot dogs in eight minutes! Guy”.

Casey Drummer: Better at eating than you.

I hung out with the proud and sickly Casey after the contest. In between his second and third trip to the bathroom to vomit an idea hit me: there are a ton of video game records just as awesome as this! (Probably less vomiting involved too!)

Check it out; here are some of the craziest video game world records that I could find.

Highest score in Mario Bros (NES)

 The record is 2,727,840 points and is held by Phil Timmons. After setting such an impressive record Timmons can have any princess in any castle that he wants.

Lowest score in Super Mario Bros. (while still managing to beat the game)

What do I want to get today? The world's highest or lowest score?

 700 points. This record was set by Bryan Singh as he set out to prove once and for all, that yes, he is better at being worse than everyone else.

Highest score in a Tetris game

Rodolpho Gargaroj earned 1,178 points in Tetris. He was promptly named the greatest engineer in the universe.

Tallest tower in Minecraft (more like a pillar, it’s only one block wide)

Held by Simon Hoke at 256 blocks tall. See if you can break his record! He just broke the previous record of 194 that had been set earlier this month.

A previous record holder. This tower is actually only half as tall as the current record holder standing at a measly 127 blocks tall.

Longest time an arcade game was played on a single token

Ed Heemskerk played Q*Bert for 68.5 hours on a single credit. I can only assume that stopped because the machine exploded from being unable to handle his mighty skills.

Fastest time to solve two Rubik’s Cubes while playing Guitar Hero

Julian Aguirre solved two Rubik’s Cubesin five minutes and two seconds while playing Guitar Hero, setting this not at all specific record.

Highest scoring word in Words with Friends using four tiles

A record score of 648 points by playing the word “OXYPHENBUTAZONE” was set by Todd Miller of Carmel, Indiana. No one dare write him for a comment about his win.

Highest Single Move

Why didn't I think of that word?!? I left him wide open for that...

Most video game consoles played in one minute

Ryan Sullivan played 13 different video game consoles in one minute. In order for the record to count Sullivan had to make forward progress in every game that he played. Well done achieving my eleven year-old dream, sir.

Most barrel rolls in Star Fox 64 in a minute

75 barrel rolls in one minute set by Brandon Roudebush. Even as he set the record Peppy kept screaming “DO A BARREL ROLL!”


Fastest speedrun through The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is a massive game that many people sink dozens if not hundreds of hours into. Bethesda Softworks QA tester Sam Bernstein beat the game in just two hours, 16 minutes, and ten seconds

Each year a competition is held at Bethesda to see who can beat the newest game the fastest. Sam is the fastest QA tester at beating both Skyrim and Fallout 3.

Bernstein seen shouting, "I was disappointed at the length of this game!"

Almost all of these records were found on The website shows you current world records and tells you the rules to break the record. Maybe you’ll be on my next list!

The website has world records for just about everything, not just hundreds of video game records. Try not to get too famous!

Did I miss any of your favorite video game world records? Share your favorites in the comment section below.


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