Chill with the Purdue Starcraft Club

Every Wednesday night from 7 to 9 p.m. the Purdue Starcraft Club hangs out and plays Starcraft II in Stanley Coulter Room 289. I say that the group hangs out because there is no better way to describe the laid back but intense matches held by this close group of friends.

The group plays competitive matches amount themselves and sometimes online players. Although many of the members are veterans of the space-themed strategy game, players of all skill levels are invited to every meeting.

The meetings are optional so generally about a dozen of the clubs players show up to a meeting. Each week,’s meeting may find almost a completely different group of players than the week before.

When I visited the group’s weekly meeting this Wednesday I found a group of gamer friends playing in a single team deathmatch together. The group was casually yelling funny quips and jests throughout the entire meeting. The meetings are as loud as they are fun.

Despite the casual nature of the meeting you could tell that these very skilled players were serious about Starcraft. A projector in the front of the room constantly plays footage from Starcraft II tournaments.

If you have some interest in Starcraft II but aren’t great at the game yet, or don’t even own the game, don’t worry. Each meeting at least a couple of the club members will bring in a flash drive with the game saved on it. The game is then downloaded to every computer that is being used. Purdue doesn’t allow the game to stay on their computers so deletes the game after each meeting.

The good news for you: You can play Starcraft II at the Purdue Starcraft Club for free.

It’s awesome that you can play the game for free, but you still may be worried about your Starcraft skill level. I went to the meeting having (shamefully) never played Starcraft II. It had been a long time since I was any good at the original Starcraft. Despite this, the group encouraged me to play with them; I didn’t even have to ask if I could.

Ravi Pareek, the club’s event planner and someone that I had the pleasure to interview earlier, took half an hour to give me a crash course on playing the Protoss Race. After Ravi offered me tips while I played for just 30 minutes I feel like I am better at the Starcraft series than I ever have been. (Now I’m merely ‘pretty terrible’.)

I was very impressed at how at ease and friendly all of the players were. They accepted me in with open arms and went out of their way to have fun with me and to instruct me on how to be better at the incredibly competitive game. Thanks the the Purdue Starcraft Club I can no personally vouch for how insanely fun Starcraft II is. I suggest that any gamer check the group out even if you’ve never played the game before.


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