6 Best Video Game April Fools Jokes 2012

As you all know, we gamers have the greatest sense of humor on Earth. It’s probably only topped by our modesty. Naturally, when April Fools rolls around game companies and companies that specialize in video game merchandise have some great April Fools jokes. Here’s some of the best of 2012 in case you missed them earlier this week.

1. Mars Effect – Mojang and Notch

Notch Mars Effect April Fool's Joke

Lawsuit sold separately

Notch, the owner of Mojang, the company that created Minecraft, created a website called marseffect.net. The website described the team’s newest project, a title called Mars Effect. Mars Effect is obviously a jab at the series Mass Effect by Bioware and EA. This joke is very funny and bold because it also pokes fun at a lawsuit against Mojang that was recently settled. The lawsuit was over the percieved similarity between the name Mojang’s newest game, “Scrolls”, and that of the Bethesda RPG series “The Elder Scrolls”. (Yes the case was settled, thank God. Notch and co. get to keep the name.)

Notch directly made fun of the lawsuit while describing how Mojang reached the decision to name Mars Effect. “After several weeks of trying to come up with a good name for the game, we finally decided not to learn from previous experiences and pick a name that’s already kind of in use by a huge existing franchise.” He added, “After playing around with names like ‘Elight’, ‘Wind Commander’, and ‘Steve Online’, we finally settled on the very catchy name ‘Mars Effect’.”

Mars Effect further made fun of Mass Effect by saying that it would include, “waist high walls” and “a game ending that makes sense.” Dang! You need ice for that burn?!?

As of writing this article, marseffect.com is no more. …probably due to a cease and desist comment.

2. Blizzard Kids – Blizzard Entertainment 

Blizzard put up a website full of what looks like half a dozen 90’s educational children’s computer games based on their franchises. By far the funniest is a typing mini-game called “Zergling Teaches Typing”. The description of the game reads, “Skzzzt! Brnnchh! W’rkncacnter! Learn these and many other important zerg vocabulary words while also dramatically improving your words per minute and keystroke accuracy. (Ages 6 and up)”

As I played the game I wished it was a real typing game. Just image how fun it would be to learn Zerg!

Check out Zergling Teaches Typing here!

3. XPPX9001 – Turtle Beach

'Nuff said.

Turtle Beach makes gaming headsets. They finally decided to make the most ultimate headset and and eyeset(?). The XPPX9001 is described as, “the most technologically advanced piece of gaming equipment ever devised.”

It’s specs include:

  • 360 speakers that can all be controlled separately
  • A nine-inch super-thin polymer display screen that displays 1080p video
  •  both audio and video to the headset from a single HDMI connection, running between 600Hz and 11.6 jiggawatts
  • connect to two consoles at once and allow you to play PS3® with one eye and Xbox 360® with your other

Blow your mind here.

4. Mass Effect 80’s Cartoon – ign and Harry Partridge

(Insert necessary, “It would have a better ending than Mass Effect 3!” comment.)
5. Skyrim Electronic Dragon Shout Hoodie – Think Geek

Perfect for casual Friday.

Think Geek made the ultimate hoodie for those in mountainous Skyrim.

In addition to making you look like dovahkiin, the hoodie’s features include:

  • 100% cotton hoodie to protect you against the harsh Skyrim environment
  • Iron helmet face mask hood, includes horns
  • Electronic dragon shouts from powerful built-in speaker
  • Features all 20 shouts available to the Dragonborn
  • Dragon souls not required to unlock shouts

The hoodie only requires 4 AAAA batteries (not included)

Pretend you can buy it here.


6. Assassin’s Creed Kinect Announcement – Fan Made

Just lol. Give this cast and crew a spoof Oscar.


Dishonorable Mention: Half Life 3 available of Steam – Valve

Valve wins the meanest April Fool’s joke by getting fans hopes up by announcing suddenly that the long awaited Half Life 3 was available for purchase on Steam. So many dreams were crushed that day. Shame on you Valve. Shame on you. We’ll probably never forget how sad you made – oh hey a funny video about Assassin’s Creed Kinect!


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