Video games with the most alternate endings

One of the possible alternate endings for the classic Metroid. Famous for putting you in control of one of the first video game character that was doing the saving rather than being saved, Metroid led the revolution of strong female leads in video games. This ending is like seeing Susan B. Anthony in a thong.

Many games have more than one ending. Take the newly released Mass Effect 3 for example. The series has always prided itself on giving the player many decisions, and as a result of the players choices they will be rewarded by one of seven endings. In fact, some gamers are so upset at the potential seven endings that Bioware is creating an eighth ending as a DLC.

Eight different endings is quite a bit for a game, but it Mass Effect 3 isn’t the game with nearly the most alternative endings. Here’s a list of some of the games that I found with even more alternative endings than Mass Effect 3.

Shadow the Hedgehog10 endings – (2005) Who knew that a Sonic the Hedgehog third-person shooter could be wrapped up in just 10 endings?

Psychic Detective12 endings – (1995) A short game that uses live action actors. It’s about a psychic detective.

Bible Black12 endings – (2000) Gotta hand it to this erotic content game for having the stamina for 12 different endings. (No I have not played it… Unfortunately.)

Blade Runner – 13 endings – (1997) With 13 endings, this game has nearly as many different endings as the film it was based off of.

Heavy Rain18 endings – (2010) Almost all of you will be familiar with this acclaimed game about tracking down a serial killer. The endings range from uplifting to some of the most depressing ever seen in the industry.

Mortal Kombat (Playstation 3 version) – 28 endings – Each character in the reboot of Mortal Kombat has a different ending. The Playstation version has one more ending due to having an exclusive character. Every other tournament fighting game boasts many endings as well.

Princess Maker 274 endings – (1993) As a game about raising a girl that you have essentially adopted as a daughter from age 10 to 18, it proves that there are only 74 potential futures for all daughters.

Star Ocean: The Second Story – 86 endings – (1999) As far as I know, this one takes the cake. The massive amount of different endings are due to the dating relationship sim in the game that was rather advanced for its time. Have a different ending for every possible couple pairing and well… I guess we know just how many endings that can result in.

One giant soap opera

There are plenty of other games with tons of endings. I know I missed lots of them, so rant about your favorite(s) in the comments below!


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