Can you really remote play PS3 games on your PS Vita?

We’ve all seen this amazing commercial of a guy pausing his PS3 and then having his game (MLB the Show) pop up on his PS Vita right where he left off. Or if you haven’t seen this black magic before, you will now.

This is crazy! It’s like what would happen if you handed a Vita to Harry Potter. “Awesomamos! There you go, your Vita is a PS3.”

Personally, I thought it sounded too good to be true, so I did a little research. Turns out, I was right in the short term, but perhaps very wrong in the long run. Let me explain.

Too good to be true

The rumors from Sony for a while have been that Vita will play all PS3 games. This couldn’t currently be farther from the truth. As of writing this article, no website or gamer has confirmed that a single PS3 game can be played on Vita. I have read plenty of forums where gamers have personally tested hundreds of Playstation games, many of them PS3 to see what plays on the Vita. In fact, even PS2 games don’t yet work remote play on Vita. Only Playstation and some downloadable titles can currently be remote played on the Vita.

But, Logan! The commercial showed that attractive, cool guy, that has a job that we can only assume is sweet playing a PS3 game on his Vita! True. But Sony has shown games being remote played on the Vita recently that cannot actually be played on the Vita. Case and point: Sony played Killzone 3 remotely at the Tokyo Game Show and you can’t play Killzone 3 remotely on Vita. Perhaps soon you will be able to play MLB the Show (from the commercial) remotely on Vita.

Some day it might be true.

The Vita is capable of playing most PS3 games from a hardware perspective, the games just haven’t been supported yet. Patches could make games supported, and I’m guessing that most popular, newer titles will come ready for remote play on the Vita. Until then, you can’t really anticipate your titles magically being updated to play on the Vita. It might be able to soon but there are no promises. I can’t even promise that Vita will ever play most future PS3 games. But what I can show you are videos of hacked Vitas actually playing PS3 games remotely.

Videos like this mean that it’s possible to carry a home console with you anywhere: that the amazing could happen.


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