Spring Break: off school, game on.

And here I thought I was going to have to Photoshop an image like this.

The sweet chirping of bird song is in the air; women are buying their first tiny bikini of the year;  people are preventing sun burns from trips down south by burning themselves in tanning salon.  Ah yes, readers, Spring Break has arrived.

As many students and adults scramble to pack and figure out what they will do over break, you can sit back and relax. You know what you are doing over break. You’re going to game.

So continue to sit back and relax and read up on some of the best new releases that you can enjoy over the Purdue campus Spring Break.

Extra Wisdom: Feel free to listen in on the purchasing advice of my good friend, Will Russell. He will impart short dashes of questionable wisdom in-between casually sipping on a fine scotch while seated in a folding chair surrounded by sand, under a tanning light in his living room. Will has already checked out for Spring Break.

Mass Effect 3 – March 6

Mass Effect 3 just released and it is sure to be on most gamers’ to-enjoy list this Spring Break. The blockbuster is the exciting conclusion to the action-RPG space opera crafted by Bioware. The game is designed to be fun for those that enjoy action, an excellent story, or both. Modes exist to focus on the player’s distinct play style. It is possible to tone down the story elements to focus more on combat or to make combat simpler to focus on the story of the game. To further sweeten the deal, Mass Effect 3 is the first game in the series to have a multiplayer mode where you can play with up to three friends online. (Multiplayer is optional for single player purists.) The reviews are hot! Play this game over break. Check out the reviews.

Extra Wisdom – Will discusses whether or not to download the day-one DLC character for Mass Effect 3 Will Interview Part 1

Major League Baseball 2K12 – March 6

Major League Baseball 2k12 may be the highest profile baseball game released on all major systems this year.  What is most interesting of the new additions to the long running series is the dynamic system in which batters and pitchers will increase or decrease in skill during games. If a batter hits a fast ball from a pitcher, he is more likely to do so next time the pitcher throws a fast ball. The batter then has a better chance to hit the next fast ball farther. Likewise, if a pitcher throws a knuckleball and strikes the batter out, the batter is more likely to be struck out by a knuckleball next time he is up to bat. This simulation is sure to be awesome for all baseball fans. Check out the reviews.

PS3 owners don’t get suckered: Another high-profile baseball sim, MLB 12 The Show, just came out March 6 as well as a Playstation exclusive. Although MLB 2K12 has been received quite positively, MLB 12 The Show has received consistently higher reviews. You win this round Playstation!

Street Fighter X Tekken – March 6

The game is the first crossover between the two violently loved series. Street Fighter X Tekken features 19 Street Fighter characters and 19 Tekken characters all brawling together in the Street Fighter Universe. Expect plenty of button mashing and tight controls. Grab your friends and finally settle whether or not Ryu can take down Jin. Check out the reviews.

I Am Alive – March 7

This is a DLC arcade game that took six years to make. The game plays as a survival action game set in the near future after an apocalyptic “event” has left most of the earth destroyed and covered in killer dust. Your character is on a platforming and weapon-based combat adventure to find his family. The game has met mixed, but mostly positive reviews. Since the game is a downloadable title it only costs $15. Be sure to check out this title of you get tired of the sun, blue skies, and society during your break. Check out the reviews.

Mario Party 9 – March 11

Not many games are listed under the genre “party” but Mario Party 9 boldly is. Expect lightning rounds of fun multiplayer mini games like in previous Mario Party titles. It’s been almost five years since Mario Party 8; Nintendo is sure to pull all the shots for this new entry into the series. If you’re looking for that next game to whip out during your own Spring Break parties to entertain your many tanned guests at once, look no farther than Mario Party 9. Check out the reviews.

Extra Wisdom: Will describes how Mario Party can ruin friendships. Will Interview Part 2

Silent Hill: Downpour – March 13

Silent Hill can be a bizarre and haunting survival horror franchise. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked and many think that the series has seen better days. Downpour is chance for the series to redeem itself with strong potential.  The game promises return the series to its horror roots, while still being different from previous titles. Downpour features new locations, a new rain mechanic, and even a new soundtrack. Most exciting is player’s the ability to use everyday items that you find as impromptu weapons against the terrors that hunt you. Check out this title for a good scare. Check out the reviews.

Journey – March 13

Journey is being reviewed as a visual masterpiece that many game reviewing websites have touted as a must play. Journey has simple controls and no dialogue, and only one objective, to make it to a mysterious and ever-present glowing mountain. Despite its simplicity, Journey is said to be as fun to play as it is beautiful. Journey is a short adventure but is sure to be fun to replay due to its interesting multiplayer feature. Multiplayer in Journey has you randomly cross paths with other real players. You can interact with each other and even complete the game with each other, but the experience is entirely anonymous and without any text or chat functions. Journey is a downloadable exclusive for  only $14.99, but is unfortunately only available on Playstation 3. Check out the reviews.

Extra Wisdom: Will laments not having a Playstation 3 but vows to play Journey anyway. Will Interview Part 3

There are so many games to play over break. These are just a few of the gems that have just been released or are about to be released. There many different types of titles to choose to keep just about any type of gamer happy. Or if you’re like me, you’ll want to play all of them.

So get out outside and enjoy the sun this Spring Break! Just be sure to bring a TV, an extension cord, and a lot of snacks. That’s what Will and I will be doing.

*To get my maximal game on over Break I won’t be writing any blogs next week. I’ll be back bright and early to rant at you the week of the 18th! Have a great week!


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