Purdue students hope to build a gaming center

This is RUaGamer in Cary, NC. Imagine if a place like this was within walking distance from you.

Two Purdue students were finalists earlier this week in an entrepreneurship competition for their idea to build a large video gaming center at Purdue.

Jason TenBarge and Ah Young Park hope to create a gaming center that would be called Gamers’ Esc. The gaming center would host 30 computers and 30 consoles. All major consoles would be found at the center. Gamers would pay by the hour to play at Gamers’ Esc.

The idea was a finalist in the Burton D. Morgan Business Plan Competition. If enough interest for the idea is shown then TenBarge and Park may be able to raise enough capital to start the business.

You can fill out the interest survey for Gamers’ Esc. here.

Personally, I think that a gaming center like Gamers’ Esc. could be an awesome hang out at Purdue.

Do you think it would be fun? Would you go there? Do you think it is a good or bad business plan to charge gamers by the hour to play there? Ring off your comments below!


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I'm a student of public relations and advertising at Purdue University. I like to stay fun and smart so that I can hang out with cool people like you. I'm about to graduate soon, so if you like what you see, hire me!

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  1. I’m thinking about start business like this in my country, but in Poland it would be very risky. However, it is my dream to have gaming center 😀

  2. That’s an awesome dream KoD997! I hope you get to pursue it someday. What makes it so risky to start a gaming center in Poland?

  3. I am working on opening the exact same thing in Kigali …This will be a dream come true for me .

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