I iz n ur moniter shohing u lolcatz kilin ur tyme.

All good cat owners hold a camera while ironing their clothes.

Before you roll your eyes at another lolcatz post on an internet that is becoming so plagued with lolcatz that the government considered SOPA to monitor the proper usage of them hear me out. I don’t particularly like lolcatz.

Lolcatz can be funny. Lolcatz are especially funny to the cat owners around the world that follow around their cat with a camera and a tripod 16 hours a day. I admit that I love cats. Of my family’s eight pets, my favorite is a fat orange cat. I just don’t have the time or energy to make him a meme star.

My cat's like this but fatter.

Why would I have a blog post on Lolcatz if I’m not one off their biggest Lolfanz? Because, dear reader, it’s important to realize that for better or worse (worse) it was we gamers that inspired a large portion of these kitty cat memes.

Sometimes the gamer origins are obvious.

Don't tell me that even your cold heart isn't moved by this.

What you probably didn’t know is that one of the very mainstay phrases of Lolcatz is based off of a direct quote from an online round of Starcraft.

Say wha?!?

It’s true. “According to the Internet Timeline on Dipity, this meme is believed to have originated on the SomethingAwful forums in 2003 when a screenshot of a game of Starcraft was posted on the Games forum by usrer 1337h4x.” (http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/in-ur-base)

The screen shot was supposedly of a 1 v. 1 battle.net match was fought between a player using Terran forces (human-like army) and a player using Zerg forces (bug-like army). The Terran player had built a massive army of very powerful but slow battle cruisers.

The map was meant for 8 players which left the Terran player without a clue as to where the Zerg player was. The Terran player methodically patrolled each corner of the map but could not find his insect adversary. Frustrated, the Terran player typed “dude, where are you?”  To which the Zerg player responded “im in ur base, killing ur d00ds”, for he had snuck into the Terran base while the Terran forces where looking for him.

The famous photo in question

This spawned the famous lolcatz formula “im in ur X (verb)ing (ur/my) Y”.

Some examples:

Before you judge the individual that tattooed lolcatz on themselves, remember, it’s not their creepy super addiction to cats’ fault; it’s Starcraft’s fault.

I started playing Starcraft and just blacked out. When I came to I had this.


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