West Lafayette’s Got Game …Thanks to You.


A basic video game programming class is being held in the Kurz Purdue Technology Center Saturday, February 18. The workshop workshop is called ‘Build a Video Game – Come Learn to Program!’ The workshop will be taught be Ben Brame and Zach Mason. Brame and Mason are the founders of Allegro Dynamics, a software design company specializing in web and mobile technologies. (They’ve got an app for that.)

If you are interested in idea of making video games then you can pay $25 to attend the 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. event. Or you could follow my live tweets from the event for free! It’s going to be a fun event that will surely prove even more fun to follow on twitter.

I’ll give you all the gritty details on what  the citizen’s of West Lafayette can whip up in one afternoon of programming knowledge. I think we’ll all be pleasantly surprised. If we’re lucky, I might even be able to live tweet some of the programming pointers that Brame and Mason share.

I look forward to ranting at you on the 18th from an entirely different medium: Twitter! Follow me @LoganLampton.


You could create this game with help from this workshop! ...and a time machine!


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I'm a student of public relations and advertising at Purdue University. I like to stay fun and smart so that I can hang out with cool people like you. I'm about to graduate soon, so if you like what you see, hire me!

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  1. I took a programming class in visual basic for my general studies degree and it was one of the hardest classes I’ve ever had to take. I have immense respect for those who program games. Having some appreciation for how its done I absolutely believe the programming side of gaming is an art form. I was warned that programming would “tax my brain” but it is definitely worth the reward if you have a knack for it.

    • I totally agree, Sam. I’m glad you got a chance to take a programming class. I haven’t had the opportunity to do anything besides teach myself some basic html. I’m pretty excited that people around Purdue are taking an interest in video game programming. We might have the next Will Wright (The Sims)!

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