Madden 12 saves you having to watch the SuperBowl

As well as being a super fun game, Madden series prides itself on being one of the greatest football simulators in the world. The Madden series can run such realistic simulation games that it has been able to accurately predict the winner of the past 8 Superbowls.

According to this year’s simulation, the Lombardi Trophy belongs to the Giants.

Quick Facts:

  • Eli Manning will be crowned the MVP of the game after completing 25 of 39 passes with two touchdowns and an interception.
  • Tom Brady will throw 327 yards with three touchdowns with one interception.
  • At beginning of the 4th Quarter the Giants will have a healthy lead of 24-10
  • The Patriots will have a huge rally in the 4th Quarter to tie the game 24-24
  • Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes will kick a 40-yard field goal in the last minute to win the game.

For a more detailed description of the action check out or just watch the highlights video.

(That just opened up my Sunday afternoon plans.)

Do you believe the predictions of the most accurate football video game simulation?

If not perhaps this humorous Skyrim simulation can help persuade you.

(You should see the algorithms that went into making sure the teams played like they do in real life.)

Shout out who you think will win Suberbowl 46!


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