Purdue gamers get their groove on

The Purdue Music Gaming Club is rocking out and dancing up a sweat every Friday from 7-10 p.m. in the basement of Beering. I was lucky enough to hang out with them tonight. We played Rock Band 3 and Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). Well, more like I played Rock Band 3 with them and attempted to not to damage anyone or anything with my flailing on a DDR mat.

Say Rock!

These guys and gals are super serious about their music games. By pooling very cheap club dues together they have been able to purchase around 3,500 DDR songs and around 800 Rock Band songs. I’m not sure if you could play through all those songs in a week if you forgot to sleep, bathe, eat, and drink.

The club occupied three rooms in the basement of Beering. One room was dedicated to Rock Band. Next door was dedicated to DDR. A final room was occupied by a Wii and rounds of Super Smash Bros. Brawl for those who needed a break from music games. Everyone flowed from one room to another as they saw fit.

“We should call it Purdue Music Gaming Club and Smash Brothers,” joked David, the club president.

Women and men were both out to play the games in equal numbers. The environment was one that would be fun for anyone, even those not particularly skilled in either game.

Players of all skill levels were having fun during my visit. Beginners can play either game at the same time as an expert. For example, I got to play with a guy (ironically his name was Guy) who danced in literal circles around me.

(It gets scary when you have to move both feet at the same time. ALSO: Listen for a recap of everything I just typed from David toward the end of the video)

Difficulties can be changed at any time on both games. I found out the hard way that they had both games set up so that beginners couldn’t fail. This made playing fun for those that are great as well as members just there purely for fun. This is great for a gamer like myself who would play Rock Band on expert every other week with my friends, but doesn’t know how to jump on arrows.

The greatest thing about my experience with the club was how nice and accepting everyone was. I showed up and starting taking pictures (after asking nicely) and they were super nice to me. Two individuals appeared that weren’t even members of the club and they were able to play games like everyone else and were treated like kings.

The Purdue Gaming Club is full of a bunch of great guys and a bunch of great girls. I suggest that anyone check out this great way to get your game on and make new friends.


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I'm a student of public relations and advertising at Purdue University. I like to stay fun and smart so that I can hang out with cool people like you. I'm about to graduate soon, so if you like what you see, hire me!

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